Polygraph is used in many situations regarding trust in a family,  with a couple, therapy, friends, or anyone involved with a possible lie  or false allegation. 

* Do you have a concern regarding a family member or a friend's  truthfulness? 

* Have you been accused by a family member or friend about  something you did not do? 

* Has money or jewelry been stolen, are there other items missing,  are drugs being used? 

*Have you been accused of plagiarism, cheating or lying?  

* Do you want to clear up the past about something?

* Have you been molested or accused of molestation?


* Are you a Therapist who has a client with a Sex Addiction wanting  compliance to therapy testing for sexual contact with others,  pornography, masturbation and or illegal drug use? 

*Are you a Sex Addict wanting to be tested to prove you are not  engaging  in any restricted activities related to your therapy?

     Polygraph testing can help, please call 610-324-1058


     "There was jewelry missing from my room, things that were important to me.  The first person that came to mind was my daughter since she had used drugs in the past and stole before. She lives in the house with me, and sometimes has friends over when I am not home. She agreed to take a polygraph test and passed it. I was so happy to find out it was not her."

Betty, DE

     "Both of my kids were in my mother's house when the money went missing, I felt for sure it was not either of them. My daughter failed the test, and we discovered there were even bigger issues she needed help with. Thank you Polygraph Solutions for helping us."

Ted, MD

      " I have a Sex Addiction and I'm in therapy. I'm trying to get my wife's trust back. I am tested periodically to prove to her and my Therapist that I am not having sexual contact with others, not viewing pornography, or using illegal drugs. Polygraph helps"

Dave, NJ

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