Polygraph testing for business theft is restricted and must meet all  Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988, (EPPA) requirements.  (EPPA) protects both you the employer and the employee.

     Forensic Assessments are conducted where there is employee theft,  and EPPA requirements are not met.  Forensic Assessments are a more  affordable way of determining who has committed the theft or who  might be involved or have knowledge about the theft. Please call for  more detailed information on the Forensic Assessment process.


     Pre-employment testing is restricted to certain industries. Do you want to hire the most ethical employees? Polygraph Solutions has conducted pre-employment testing for the Phila. Police.

 Pre-employment testing is permitted and conducted for:
 *Police Departments
 *Armored Trucks and Car companies
 *Pharmaceutical Companies
 *Pharmaceutical Distributors
 *Pharmaceutical Dispensers 
 *Some Security Companies

Polygraph Solutions can help, please call 610 324 1058.


 "Polygraph Solutions conducted the forensic assessment and not only were they able to tell me who was involved and had knowledge of the theft, they were able to determine who did the theft"  We have lost a lot of money and merchandise over the years."

Matthew , PA

   "We were missing medications and this was not the first time. We needed to find out who was stealing them.  Polygraph Solutions got to the bottom of it, and discovered other non compliant issues that were going on at our company."

Scott , PA

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