Polygraphs are used both by defense attorneys and clients. 

  Polygraph is Confidential. Exculpatory Testing is available.     

* Have you been accused of something you did not do, and want  to prove that you are telling the truth? 

* Have you been accused of theft, molestation, rape, arson, assault, fraud, personal injury, murder, sex crimes, vandalism, insider-trading, burglary, forced entry, trespassing etc?

* Are you an attorney and want your client to have an exculpatory polygraph test?

*Has your client been asked to take a police polygraph test and  they would prefer to take a polygraph with an private certified  examiner to prove their veracity ? 

     Polygraph testing can be conducted for:  pre-police testing,  pre-hearing and post hearing testing. Sometimes polygraph  results are presented at sentencing as well.

    Polygraph Solutions can help, please call 610 324 1058.


     " Polygraph Solutions did my testing . I was accused of molestation and I did not do it, I would never do anything like that. This is the worst thing that has ever happened in my life, to be accused of something like this, that I did not do. I told the truth, took the polygraph and passed the test."

Bob , DE

     "My client volunteered to take the polygraph test to prove he was telling the truth.   He did not do the crime.He had no knowledge and he had no involvement in it whatsoever. I will use Polygraph Solutions services again."

Attorney, DE

    I'm going through a divorce and I was being accused of all sorts of things that were not true.  There were false accusations about my kids, domestic abuse, drug use. I took a polygraph test to prove my truthfulness."

Thomas, NJ

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