'I was really upset about this whole situation.  Bonnie Lee conducted my session with sensitivity and professionalism. I was truthful and the test helped me prove that I was telling the truth to my spouse the whole time!"

Ann, PA

      "I suspected that my wife was cheating on me with the late night phone calls, text messages from people I did not know, and her not being where she said she was.  All I wanted was the truth. Polygraph Solutions helped me get my answer."

Tony, DE

      Trust in a relationship is important and sometimes evidence  of infidelity is not absolute; this is where polygraph is helpful.

     This is a difficult time for the couple.  I respect that and I'll  assure you I'll provide you with an accurate test and a   professional setting which is discreet, comfortable, respectful,  distraction free setting for your test.

    Polygraph can help you get the truth or verify the truth!

* Do you want to verify to your partner or spouse that you are  telling the truth?

* Do you think your spouse or partner is cheating on you?

*Are you being accused of something that you did not do?

* Are you considering getting married, and what to know the  truth about a current issue or a past issue?

* Are you concerned about cheating, sexual contact, internet  dating/hidden profiles, suspicious text messages, phone calls,  emails, cyber sex, chat rooms, prostitutes, pornography, STD's,  gambling, financial issues, drug-alcohol issues, etc?

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